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During a merger, the integration of technology and operations often proved difficult, usually it needs more work and consideration during due diligence. Businesses can’t hope to project the savings from merging systems, for example, without a deep understanding of what’s needed to integrate two companies’ information systems. Too often, this key information is overlooked. Whether your company is going through the M&A process or in planning stage, you will need a technology integration partner to work with you for upcoming implementation and technology shift. Here we can help you with.


Start on landscape and design

For any merger and acquisitions, you would have to start with a map of the current landscape. As you are trying to enable new processes and maximize synergies, map out the current processes? You may want to start thinking which systems in place, what processes they support and why? Then examine what should be kept, enriched or replaced, and evaluate how they affect the client’s post-merger business functions. The goal is to capture the combined business capabilities then further prioritize them for the upcoming IT integration plan.

Infrastructure Shift IT integration managers will leverage Infrastructure optimization best practices such as simplification, standardization, virtualization and consolidation to reduce integration complexity, redundancy and deployment time. We will be your infrastructure partner for the implementation of infrastructure shift. Data Protection

Data protection has become a feature of M&A due diligence since introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, and certain aspects of data management will be under the compliance. The acquiring organization will want to know whether personal data stored in the customer contact systems has consent for use post-M&A. Explora has a well understanding of data protection and compliance of GDPR, we can become your partner to assist you on this from data protection design to implementation.


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