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By Dora Tse – CEO of Explora, Data Experts and Analytics Service

August 17 2021

When we talk about “Know your customer”, it would be better to start it from personalization. Personalization is an experience based on information a company has learned about the individual. We use personalization to achieve a 360-degree view of the customer and enhance the buyer’s journey, thus we link the advantage for both customers and merchants. The traditional approach to personalization is mostly coming from product recommendation based on data like gender, age and buying behavior. To enhance it to next level nowadays, we would consider customer context such as shopper’s taste, demographics and the up-to-date information about shopper’s changing needs, intention, mood and spirit on every visit. The purpose of the measure in personalization is to deliver the moment of shopper’s needs and that describes the major goal of “knowing your customer”.

We experience and witness the evolving definition of customer experience and most personalization engines are uneasy to keep up. Change of weather and demographic seem to overwrite your preference every time, imagine last time you looked at a fashion website was over the summer and you purchased sunglasses and swimming suits back then. Based on your earlier shopping behavior, all the recommendation you see are swimming suits and sandals instead of winter jackets you now need. Shopper’s context and seasonal information can change in seconds and if it could run in real time, the recommendation shall be more relevant and useful. And that explains why most merchants willing to invest on real time information from their data ground by thinking from their infrastructure, connectivity to their data source and going through all the implementation to data analytics.

Many merchants attempt to find a way to convert shoppers with products they would have actually wanted to buy. And finally, with all the effort spent here, we are able to connect your data linking all your channels updated in real-time according to your shopper’s shifting contexts, our purpose is to provide more relevant recommendation that drive conversion. Thus, you can see the power of data discovery and data insight can help accelerate the way to discover and meet your customer needs. The future of personalization highly relies on having both technology and customer-focused strategy to achieve the goal of “Knowing your customer”.

Explora understands the value of customer data is very high. The more customers you have, the more data we can help you gather, collect and analyze. At Explora, we contribute our innovation and passion by linking customer data with data science, improving data quality and helping you to develop a deeper understanding of your customers. You can find out more about us and our innovation at upcoming Retail Expo Asia in Hong Kong Convention Center among 3 days show from September 7 to September 9 2021. During the exhibition, we will show case personalization demo, our ability to link the personalization with Data Analytics, Customer journey management demo by looking at shopper’s variation in terms of buying pattern and loyalty conversion behavior, and process automation excellence.


Date: September 7-9 2021

Venue: HKCEC

Booth Number: B5C-304 (2nd row near entrance)

Theme of Exhibition: Know Your Customer!

Showcase: Personalization, Data Analytics, Customer Journey Management, Invoice Automation Champion, Process Automation Excellence. Available Experts that time: Solution Architects, BI & Data Experts, Automation Experts.

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Background of Explora: Our company was established since 2015 with offices located in Hong Kong, Philippine and Vietnam. We are currently a silver partner of Microsoft and become ISO 9001 certified starting this month August 2021. Our company's mission is to empower business to make better decisions through data solutions and technology.

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