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“What went wrong with my marketing strategy?”

This is probably the most commonly asked question by marketers when not getting the expected return from their marketing efforts. Nowadays, businesses in all industries are awash with data; customer data, sales data, website clickstream data, and much more. A thorny challenge is created for marketers in gaining comprehensive and actionable insights from these data types and forming a cohesive marketing strategy.

The major prerequisite for an effective marketing strategy is to identify customer needs and thereby deliver customers a consistent and relevant experience throughout the entire customer journey. Therefore, it is important for marketers to have a thorough understanding of their customers, communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time, and thus optimise their return-on-investment (ROI) by allocating resources based on customers’ profitability and revenue contribution.



Meanwhile, identifying customer needs could be tricky, because customers interact with a company through different channels either directly or indirectly, such as physical shops, online stores and social media channels. Their needs keep changing throughout the whole customer lifecycle. Solely performing customer analysis based on one single data source might not provide a full picture that truly reflects customer preference and behaviour. With such a traditional solution, marketers could end up making inappropriate decisions.

To help companies who face these challenges, Explora has announced that new customer analytics features for Hummingbird Analytics are on the way. Customers will be able to ingest and centralise all of their online and offline data collected from different data sources and touchpoints, such as POS, CRM, after-sales systems, customer help desks, online clickstream data, and even just Excel files. Removing data silos provides easy data access, forming a unified and complete customer profile.



Marketers can have access to self- service BI analytics and perform augmented and advanced customer analysis easily with pre-built yet customisable reports and dashboards. Together, with a set of tools built with AI and machine learning technologies, marketers can have a more relevant and in-depth 360 ° understanding of their customers, and get actionable insights to guide them towards their next best action.

For a product demonstration and more information about Hummingbird Analytics’ customer analytics features, please visit https://www.hummingbirdanalytics.com or meet Explora’s team at the Customer Experience Conference on 19 Sept 2019 at Hotel ICON Hong Kong. You can register now here.

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