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While you’re stuck at home during the coronavirus social distancing period, you may have extra time on your hands that you haven’t before. Why not use that time to re-evaluate if you are still a strong candidate to navigate the competitive market landscape? Explora Academy has rounded up available online courses/ classroom training for business or technical professionals. We have prepared courses with techniques and best practice to help you strengthen your knowledge in many areas from digital transformation to BI data analytics areas.

  • Skills you need to stay competitive in the post-pandemic business world

  • Microsoft Power BI is one of the most widely used business intelligence and data analytics platforms that we will highlight in Explora Academy.

  • Online or classroom training available for technical or business professionals. Many ongoing topics will be added in Explora Academy gradually to enrich our training curriculum.

01.Getting started with Power BI desktop Training - Course B10

Target group: Business analysts, BI Consultants, Operation Analyst, Project Managers Course description: Basics of using Power BI desktop, a free busines intelligence application from Microsoft that lets you load, transform, and visualize data.


02. Microsoft Azure & Power BI - Course B20

Target group: Business analysts, data scientists, IT professional

Course description: Overview of Azure components and Power BI and educate you how to get the most of your data in Azure framework. You will learn the business value and features of it.


03. Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI - Course B30

Target group: Business analysts, data scientists and business users

Course description: For technical professionals, you will know how to work with data in Power BI, creating data measures, interactive data visualizations, and preparing reports and dashboards, the relationship between dashboards and reports, visualizations, and tiles. Also, data connections, query editor and DAX. For business users, you will learn the Power BI Data Gateway.


04. Technical Maintenance Training with Power BI - Course B40

Target group: Business analysts, data scientists, IT technical Course description: Combining data from multiple sources, maintenance of Data set, data flow in Power BI, security and access setup, best practice for workspace management, optimization of data models.


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Explora is a certified Cloud Service Provider of Microsoft who has house of experts mastering the knowledge of Azure technology and Power BI platform.

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