Company Training - Thriving Under Pressure

Written by Dora Tse, CEO of Explora

Thriving under pressure was one of the few interesting consultant workshops designed to help Explora’s staffs excel during high pressure moments in life and work. The 2.5-hour training was hosted in Explora on August 19 2022 by our training partner LSF Global and we are lucky to have our coach showing us how to treat pressure as a positive force to enhance performance. The course began by exploring the cause, signs and symptoms of workplace pressure. We had about 33 people, more than half of our organization attended to the workshop.

Among the session, we focused on techniques used on managing workplace pressure and strategies for taking control of events which may be causing negative effects. Our coach was designing few interactive sessions helping us to define the pressure we encountered in life and we figured out what we encountered so far may not be as bad as other people experiencing outside. We shall feel some kinds of gratitude comparing other’s life experience on pressure than us. Whether it’s fortunate or not, we were lucky to come together to define the cause of pressure in our workplace through group discussions, we got to recognize our signs of negative pressure, finally learned different techniques to reduce negative effects of pressure. Sometimes, we shall take a necessary break or we call it a distraction can help us deal with pressure positively so we can manage it in a personal management plan to stay healthy and fit.

We pick up “ABCDEF” techniques which starts from ABC model to handle pressure management.

  • Activate event
  • Belief
  • Consequence

DEF techniques to solve pressure by “Distract and dispute”, Effect and feeling are the result of it. With pressure management techniques, we hope our consultants can pick up the proper way to handle the stress and can solve the pressure by communicating it out and seek for solutions to alleviate.



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