What is a culture team?

A culture team is a group of people who empower businesses with data solutions and technology for better decision-making. Our consultants are passionate about reaching their full potential and building strong bonds to help each other out. Most importantly, at Explora we take care of our people so that we can perform at our best and create valuable services for our clients. Our executives value mutual trust and integrity so that our data experts can form a strong and collaborative team. We aim to deliver excellence through actively listening to feedback and maintaining a client-centric mindset.



Our Success Story

The Secret behind our Success

Our culture encompasses the beliefs and behaviours that drive Explora, including interactions between management, employees and clients. This culture is both implied and defined. We believe that our culture facilitates employee happiness and optimal company performance. Good chemistry in the workspace lends itself to improved teamwork, increased productivity and a sense of satisfaction.

Our training partners offer the most diversified and interesting programmes for Explora to support its employees. Most programmes are tailored-made for us, such as the emerging leadership programme, storytelling programme, consultant training, revenue projects and functionality programme. They motivate, inspire and lead our high-performing teams. Participants will be coached by an expert guide on how to apply the research and learnings. 

Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or for worse.
Simon Sinek,
British-American author